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Mortgages For Professionals with complex incomes through the main high street lenders

High street lenders typically provide more appealing rates, making them the preferred choice for many professionals seeking mortgage solutions. However, navigating the complexities of professional incomes can present challenges in securing loans from these lenders.

Professionals often assume they must seek alternative lenders due to the intricacies of their income streams. Yet, armed with a deep understanding of various payment structures, we confidently facilitate successful mortgage applications with high street lenders.

In fact, a substantial 93.4% of our mortgage applications are seamlessly processed through reputable high street lenders, showcasing our expertise in navigating complex income scenarios.


Whether you are a first-time buyer, moving home, looking to remortgage, purchase a second home or even looking to release equity, this is where our advisers excel.

Be reassured that our style is to guarantee reliable, professional mortgage advice appropriate to any individual that makes contact with us.

Levels of Service & Fees

We have set our fee to £400. This is only payable once we get you a formal mortgage offer from a lender. If we cannot get you a mortgage, we won’t charge you a fee. We can also arrange a new rate for you with your current lender. This is commonly known as a product transfer and as there is less worked involved in this, we will not charge you a fee. For more information on our fees, see our other discounts and schemes.

Quite simply, over the past few years, it has become more difficult to get a mortgage. Following the last recession and due to tighter lending controls and regulations, lenders have become unable or unwilling to lend at the amounts they did in the past. Mortgages that were once easy for us to place are now being declined by lenders on a regular basis. Consequently, much of our time is spent initially finding a lender who should lend to you in the current climate, as well as securing a competitive rate of interest on your mortgage. The result of these market changes is that a good quality mortgage broker is vital when it comes to handling your application from start to finish.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and for an indication of any applicable fee.

Complaints Procedures

One of the statutory objectives of the Financial Conduct Authority is that all firms must have regard to the information needs of its customers and treat their customers fairly. In addition the Financial Conduct Authority has set out guidance on how firms can evidence that they are treating their customers fairly by way of ensuring that firms do not impose any barrier to customers making a complaint.

We seek to ensure that our handling of customer’s complaints meets these rules and expectations and are inherent within our processes and procedures. You are advised that you can decide at any point during the investigation of your complaint to exercise your right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If you feel you need to complain, letting us know when you’re unhappy gives us the opportunity to put matters right for you and improve our service for everybody.

Please click here for our Complaints Brochure