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Mortgages For Professionals with complex incomes through the main high street lenders

High street lenders typically provide more appealing rates, making them the preferred choice for many professionals seeking mortgage solutions. However, navigating the complexities of professional incomes can present challenges in securing loans from these lenders.

Professionals often assume they must seek alternative lenders due to the intricacies of their income streams. Yet, armed with a deep understanding of various payment structures, we confidently facilitate successful mortgage applications with high street lenders.

In fact, a substantial 93.4% of our mortgage applications are seamlessly processed through reputable high street lenders, showcasing our expertise in navigating complex income scenarios.


We have always provided high-quality mortgage advice for our clients. Because of this, you know that when you apply for a mortgage through us, you will be paying for some of the best service, advice and solutions throughout your application process. In addition to going through us, we can often access rates that are often unavailable to you if you were to go directly to the lender.

Unlike some larger firms within our industry, with Davidson Deem you will deal with the same adviser at the firm all the way through your transaction and indeed beyond. You will not be pushed from one adviser to another. We have some clients who have dealt with the same adviser for 20 years over numerous mortgages.

We can check to see if you meet a lender’s affordability requirements before applying, obtain a decision in principle from a lender if required, and finally see your full application through to completion (and beyond).

We specialise in providing you with quality, professional mortgage advice that you can trust. Whatever your particular requirements, whether it be a mortgage, remortgage (or taking a new rate from your current lender), buy to let, or commercial mortgage, we can ensure that we find the best solution for you.

We will ensure you receive the best possible mortgage advice. We will guide you through the multitude of mortgage products and find the best one to suit your personal requirements. Obtaining the most attractive rate of interest will be our prime objective but peripheral terms & conditions and quality of service from the lender will also be paramount.

Don’t just take our word for it though – CLICK HERE to see the Google reviews left by our clients. 

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